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Six Sentence Story- Bucket List Trifecta

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Prompt word: season

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Mildred waited sixty-two years to get her driver’s license so, in preparation for the event of ticking that off of her ‘bucket list’, she watched every season of Street Outlaws.

Her recently deceased husband had a 1958 Plymouth Fury which he had kept in mint condition and full running order, so her sweet ‘ride’ had a 350 cu in engine with two four-barrel carburetors!

When the BIG DAY came, Mildred couldn’t wait to ‘smoke those hides’ and ‘burned out’ of the DMV parking lot.

She squealed with delight when a Corvette pulled up beside her at a red light, beyond which was a long straight away, so she revved the engine as a challenge.

The light changed and the race was ON- Mildred easily left that Corvette in the dust – only a siren sounded and she could see a State Trooper waving at her to pull over.

The day ended with her daughter bailing her out but Mildred, all the while, had never stopped grinning because she had gotten her driver’s license, won a drag race, and had been arrested; a bucket list trifecta!

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

56 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Bucket List Trifecta

  1. Go Mildred!! Good for her, and proves it’s never too late to go grab some dreams. I decided to take my test at age 33 and passed first time (though it was no vintage Plymouth I burned rubber with, more a Hyundai Getz 😂) Good one, Susan!

  2. A total, albeit fictional, role model for me and anyone I would hang out with…Surely there are few things in life that are as satisfying as knowing you have, as the Bard advises, been true to yourself.
    Fun Six

  3. Talk about going after what you want regardless of age! (or perhaps because of, lol)
    Love Mildred’s spirit and that she went for a trifecta!
    Great Six, Susan 😀

  4. So funny! I was rooting for Mildred all the way.
    (And that picture, by the way, is just perfect for the story.)

  5. Ha! As someone who flunked the driving part of the driver’s test twice, this story really tickles my funny bone. Currently I’m trying to figure out how to renew my driver’s license online. What a horror that is!

    1. Thanks! It pleases me to have made you smile. 🙂
      At least online doesn’t require a road test. LOL
      I know what you mean, though, the DMV is even a bigger hassle online!

      1. I don’t have any depth perception and so it was the parallel parking that did me in the first time. The second time the tester said turn right here and I did. Unfortunately he didn’t mean right away. He meant at the next intersection. Whoops!

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