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June 16th #1MinFiction Challenge~ True Colors

Write an extremely short story using the prompt below.
Type it in one minute.


The empty bulletin board was the only thing that remained in the ‘violent crime’ detective unit office. Dramatic police defunding efforts had closed the unit permanently.
Assorted pushpins lined the empty cork surface. No one had ever cared about, or even noticed, their color. It never mattered. The notes labeling active investigations were simply organized by severity.
Outside, sporadic gunfire, now, sounded ‘day in’ and ‘day out’.

June 16th #1MinFiction Challenge – Cyranny’s Cove


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

2 thoughts on “June 16th #1MinFiction Challenge~ True Colors

  1. Susan,
    In under a minute, you nailed the pushpin on the head. 📌 I heard the entire Portland riot squad resigned demoralized by the mayor’s policies. Grim days.

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