Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Celebration- Modern Justice

“I’m celebrating the Fourth of July whether you approve or not, Melanie.”

“I won’t be THERE, Craig!”

“Suit yourself, snowflake.”

“You’re SO ignorant of capitalistic greed and oppressive behavior! “

“A tantrum isn’t a valid complaint mechanism. Try again.”

“I’ll call Michael then! We’ll go to the Mall and then we’ll go to the BLM rally. They’re going to shutdown traffic on I-95 so the soldiers can’t get to the parade grounds. At least I’m addressing a problem!”

“Do you ever look in a freakin’ mirror, Melanie?”

“So now I’m not pretty enough? We’re through! You Red Neck piece of s–t!”

” Bye. This year’s celebration of liberty will have a double meaning.”


Melanie was arrested for shoplifting at the Mall but was released in time to be arrested, then released, for blocking highway traffic. All charges were eventually dropped.
She and Michael moved in together, days later. The couple graduated with high honors, got married, and became interns in Washington, D.C..

Craig ended up enlisting in the military only to die in a training exercise.

You’d think this wasn’t a happy ending but Melanie and Michael plan on remaining childless.
At least, we’ve got THAT going for us. 😉

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Celebration – June 17 , 2021 🥳🥂 – Eugi’s Causerie (amanpan.c

11 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Celebration- Modern Justice

  1. Superb storytelling, Susan! I may not get it either but seems best Micheal and Melanie remain childless to avoid the situation of children raising children.

  2. Susan,
    Loved this slice of life. Pretty much smacked in the face with the irony that is much too close to reality. They “protest” against the establishment’s oppression until they become a part of it. Then everything’s just right as rain. Except for the ineptness of today’s military, poor Craig.

    1. Dora,
      It’s hard to know if ignorance or immaturity motivates the Melanies making all the noise.
      The military is certainly a dangerous job. God bless those who put the good of others before themselves.

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