SoCS Saturday 5/29/21

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collect.” Use the word “collect” any way you’d like.

If I could wave a magic wand and turn every kind word or deed in this world into a delicate butterfly, the sky would be alive with beauty. That collection would be far larger than any other!
Why has this absolute real humanity and beauty become so hard to notice?
Affluent people (not those scraping for daily survival) are currently far more interested in collecting (and carrying the weight of) outrage than just looking around. That’s why.
The media has us collecting problems and despair, and those are rocks!
Rocks are useful for building but you must look down to see them. Have you ever watched people who never lift their heads as they walk? They seem focused but they’re prone to missing out on things, such as, many beautiful sights, and some might even be changed by lifting their eyes, once in awhile, avoiding a fall. (Of course we must not only look up or we would stumble too.)
We would do well to get back to a balance, don’t you think? Let’s start collecting many of our impressions directly from our ‘fellow man’ and from what we actually experience while noting that ‘reporting’ and ‘headlines’ are snippets of information that are most often out of context. And media opinion? Well, we’re capable of creating our own, thank-you, so let’s respect that diversity for change.

My heart is sad when I hear so much outrage, vitriol, and condescension from people across political divides. The stench of constant outrage has them looking at their feet and holding their noses. The 24/7 media is most culpable for creating imaginary monsters out of our human brothers and sisters by grouping and defining them in the most shallow and unimportant terms. We aren’t going to make the manipulation of the media stop but we can lift our heads and notice the butterflies… they’re everywhere!

See the source image
Kindness and goodness are everywhere

Happy Saturday friends.
To my United States brothers and sisters, Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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5 thoughts on “SoCS Saturday 5/29/21

  1. Loved your SoC! Fat cats and power brokers have always fought over the soul of this country. Let them. We have butterflies to set free! 😀🦋

  2. You have done an excellent job of explaining why I do my Good News Tuesday post – just trying to get a little balance. They say, “bad news sells,” but we the people are getting sick (literally) and tired of the lopsided focus on bad news and conflict. There’s a tiny bit of hope in the fact that a few good news outlets have surfaced, and we need to support them. But what we really need is the mainstream media to give us more balance and therefore more accuracy about humanity. I could go on and on about this issue. Thank you for brining it to the light. Looking to our experience in the world more than what we see on the screens is a healthier way to go.

    1. Your comment made me happy, and proud, and most importantly refilled my cup of ‘hope’ . I think people of this philosophy greatly outnumber those who are pushing us toward darkness. Let’s all keep doing our best to resist and expose the Truth. Thank-you!

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