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Six Sentence Story~ NOT FAIR!


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Once upon a time a hard working community came together and labored side-by-side on a common project of setting stones, with loving care, in order to build a fountain unlike any mankind had ever known and after several generations and blood, sweat, and tears, they succeeded.

People from all over the world marveled at the fountain and that community- virtuously generous- shared access to the abundant water with all.

After a time, more strangers entered the community than there were original members, and builders, and not having invested in the toil and pride in the unique fountain, many disrespected and defaced it while trying to claim as much crystal clean water as they could.

A great debate took place among the elders with some deciding that sharing the water ought to be limited to only those who showed respect for the sacrifice and love that went into building the fountain and others complained that to limit access, by discriminating who gets water under any condition, would not be ‘fair’.

The fairness argument won and it wasn’t long before the fountain began to dry up and crumble from overuse and disrespect by those who had not invested time nor treasure in its construction, so, those strangers simply moved on seeking another generous community to plunder leaving that once happy community forever changed.

Even today that sad tale serves as a powerful warning: to discriminate between gratefulness and opportunism is prudent to survival and cries for ‘fairness’ are best left to 3-year-olds.

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

28 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story~ NOT FAIR!

  1. Its amazing what you can do with only six sentences. This is a wonderful tale of greed that echoed the annihilation of the earth at the hands of humans that’s happening all around us. A very good story, Susan.

  2. ain’t it the way?
    sad but undeniable element to human nature… the capacity for selfishness is in such a precarious balance with that part of us that understands that putting oneself ahead, to the exclusion of all others, ultimately leaves everyone with less.
    Thought-provoking Six

  3. What a great metaphor for the inequality of access for scarce (and fundamental) resources, Susan. It puts me in mind of the unequal access to vaccines between the rich and powerful countries and the rest of us.

    1. I didn’t consider that. How does the tearing down of something others had built, because (some of them) had no respect for the community heritage, fit into to your reading?
      The rich and powerful, in this story, were generous to a fault and worked for years to earn/build what they shared.
      I don’t see your angle but good stories can hold meaning to many so I’m pleased!

      1. I guess I went off at a bit of a tangent, but the seed was planted by the phrase, “to limit access, by discriminating who gets water under any condition…” Also the disrespect that some of the rich and powerful have for the environment, plundering resources overseas ‘because they can’, like the Canadian “climate-wrecking” oil and gas project in Namibia.

      2. Well, I hear you. Yet, a lot of generosity and innovation comes from affluence too. Wish we got a balanced reporting on such to offer us all more hope. Keeping us upset and discouraged works for those rotten greedy types. 😉

  4. The lesson of gratitude is a difficult one to “teach” and a culture of instant gratification does little in ways of reminders to be considerate of others, considerate of circumstance. .

  5. You’ve told a story that happens again and again in life, and told it beautifully.
    But we don’t seem to learn.
    Maybe we never really get beyond being three-year-olds.

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