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MLMM Sunday Prompt~ A Fictional Futuristic Nightmare

Today’s Sunday Writing Prompt: Beautiful Mistake

It’s Autumn 2023, and the Covid-19 scare has lost its clout with many Americans.
Cases are down but, far more importantly, deaths from Covid-19 are well below those being recorded from the seasonal flu. A success that vaccinations fully claimed.
Chancy had not been vaccinated. She was a nurse who’d found the suppression of information on excellent early treatments terribly unnerving since 2020 and she also resisted the flood of media propaganda rationalization that the ‘vaccine’ was totally safe. There was NO way of being that certain. It was, after all, an experiment.
Chancy wasn’t obese, and had no other comorbidities that would lower her chances of survival from the virus below 99%. So, after checking with her doctor that he had access to early treatments, she couldn’t reasonably consider an “emergency experimental vaccine” as a good choice. Chancy couldn’t put her finger on it, but something just seemed terribly wrong.
Still, she was told by everyone she knew that her decision was a mistake. Ultimately she responded to all of them, “It’s my mistake to make!”.
Of course, with a barrage of many coercive forces, a part of her wondered if she had made the wrong decision?
It was early November 2023, when an alarming news story suddenly filled the media. The headline was: A New Version of Corona Virus Is Sweeping the World!
The rest of the story claimed that it was primarily targeting, and killing, the vaccinated population.
“How could that be?” she wondered.
Apparently, the new virus was also coming from China. Those citizens, who’d been vaccinated, had artificially, and inadvertently, trained their immune system to simply ignore new corona viruses through the experimental vaccination process! The success rate had been good but the unanticipated future of the ‘experiment’ was now decimating the world.
Chancy slipped on her shoes and headed straight for the hospital to offer aid. This was going to be cataclysmic!
A futuristic nightmare of epic proportion.
For matters of her own health, she took only a little comfort in knowing she’d made one beautiful ‘mistake’ by not getting vaccinated. But, this wasn’t a time for ‘I told ya so’.

Sunday Writing Prompt, May 9/2021 – Beautiful Mistake | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

19 thoughts on “MLMM Sunday Prompt~ A Fictional Futuristic Nightmare

  1. Given the dystopian nature of the last two years, it wouldn’t surprise me.
    Chancy is the perfect name for your character/hero. Excellent write.
    In answer to your unasked question: No

  2. It’s interesting that you wrote this charactrer such that she had no appreciation of thew social dynamic – that if the numbers had not dropped suffieiently, there would e no “outside” for her to go to.

      1. The reason for having the vaccine was because the numbers dropped sufficiently so as to allow shops etc. To reopen. That there were risks associated with the vaccine itself was known and understood from Day #1.
        So I’m just commenting that your character only seemed to understand half of that.

      2. Hate to tell you but it wasn’t the virus keeping the shops closed. It certainly wasn’t the science either. You figure it out. 😉

      3. On Jan 16, in the UK, there were 1305 deaths. Today, with the benefit of a lockdown and a vaccine,there were 2. Those numbers will allow shops to fully reopen in a few weeks, and will allow lkife to return pretty much to its previous state.
        But I’m sure the USA shows a different trend.

      4. You can argue all day but there’s no more evidence for vaccines improving death rates than there is the natural course of herd immunity (and the natural weakening of the virus) through non-symptomatic infections. Those have not been counted ,and oddly, the ‘experts’ aren’t even interested.
        There’s plenty of evidence that IF governments hadn’t limited the full use of treatment cocktails then many wouldn’t have died. Now, why would a controlling government allow the deaths to be higher and treat the # of cases as important (they’re not) ? Not to keep people frightened and under their control, I’m sure. lol

  3. Great dystopic story, Susan, and oddly familiar! With all the news finally airing on network media that there’s evidence the virus was developed in a Chinese lab (as many already knew), this scenario is only too plausible.

    1. It’s kept me awake a few times. Especially knowing that effective treatments have been available since last summer, and forbidden in many areas across the world.

      1. I had heard of the HCQ debacle and it did strike me as odd that a drug that had been for used for decades in preventing malaria suddenly was labeled “dangerous.” I’ve been told Asians are more susceptible to the virus b/c of what’s happening in India, but I have my suspicions about that. India has long been a primary ecoonomic rival of China and just across the border. The point is, how can we not be suspicious of a secretly created virus by one of the most tyrannical and inhumane governments in the world.

  4. It’s a tough one for me… the writing is amazing and the story decidedly and uncomfortably too close to what’s happening.

    While on the one hand I don’t adhere to the theory that most decisions weren’t based in science, I’m also definitely aware that the French government has certainly enforced a ‘state of war on the virus’ that has seen our civil liberties diminished over the course of the past year. And that is very concerning to me.
    If they were to admit that they were flying blind and made mistakes I might give them the benefit of the doubt but no politician will ever admit to being wrong, regardless of their political affiliation. 😩

    1. I hear you loud and clear. Hearing ‘we’re not sure’ or here’s what we recommend ‘use your own judgement’ would add a large amount to their credibility.
      Coercion and censorship does not inspire trust. Thanks for commenting.

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