Selling Out Science / Buying Truth

This story is one that I decided not to post awhile back. It dealt with an uncomfortable topic and I deemed it unpleasant. The problem is, we can’t just avoid unpleasant things. They’re going on whether we discuss them or not. Something made me keep this. I decided to share it today from my draft archive. 🙂

“Settled science” and “my truths” were phrases repeated ad nauseam during Dante’s first month in freshmen classes at the university-where he’d hoped to get an education in critical thinking and facts- but, noting those oft mentioned absurdisms, now had him suspecting that the whole thing was an ultra-expensive practical joke.

He’d planned for so long to become a doctor, actually a diagnostician, just like his hero played by Hugh Laurie in the TV series House whose mantra was “everybody lies” because House valued truth and fact as opposed to often scientifically flawed human opinion and the frailties of discerning facts through an emotional filter.

Dr. House knew medicine required information, critical analysis, and detective work, and answers had to be found by developing a theory for methodic testing, and ceaseless questioning, leading to the creation of puzzle pieces which almost never assembled into a completely perfect picture but approached the Truth.

So, when the topic of The Climate Change Crisis came up, Dante armed himself with silly little facts on computer modeling errors, numbers on booming communities of polar bears, and data on some of the positive affects of CO2 on our current climate hoping that seeking ‘climate truths’ wasn’t just a cleverly contrived public illusion but an ideal worthy of rational pursuit.

He undoubtedly caused an uproar, to say the least, and his professor (with several PHDs in assorted medical sciences) laughed him right out of the classroom never considering his extenuating arguments while painting him as a “Climate Change Denier” because he offhandedly observed Greta Thunberg wasn’t actually a scientific scholar.

Shortly after that curfuffle, Dante ‘dropped out’ happy to save himself a TON of debt, becoming a modestly paid free lance writer/producer of fact-based scientific videos geared to informing children, meanwhile, that ‘scientific methodology impaired’ professor became an ( insanely well paid) consultant for the Department of Health and Human Services in charge of monitoring vaccine research, development, and promotion on behalf of the U.S. government.


7 thoughts on “Selling Out Science / Buying Truth

  1. Susan,
    Great bit of realism! Two things:
    First, scientists who don’t toe the line because of conflicting or suspect evidence against the climate change “crisis” are hounded out of their jobs. So science has become politicized.
    Second, I’ve gotta watch that Hugh Laurie series! Sounds fun. 😀

    1. It’s AWESOME! At least early on. As often happens with long running series, it turned into a soap opera in the last couple of years. It was the last, ‘can’t miss’ TV series I ever watched.
      Thank you Dora!

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