dVerse Poets Pub~ Exploring the Narrative

The challenge is to write a poem in the voice of a fictional character. It can be any character you like, and you can introduce it in your own voice if you choose (à la Coleridge, though I certainly wouldn’t insist on this) but the main body of the poem must be in the voice of your character.

Life Interrupted

It was hoped-expected- that sons out-live their fathers .
The flashing red lights blinked a desperate scene;
A medic kneeling with trembling hands beside a victim.
On the lawn, lay a young man unresponsive, serene.

“Narcan administered. Checking for the pulse.”
A tsunami of regrets dripping from my chin,
“Danny, wake up! Do it now! It’s Dad.”
I must be professional… panic must not win.

“When had Danny given up?” my brain implored.
“My fault? My fault!” a guardian guilt searched.
A young man gurgled a faint response… one cough.
“Got a pulse!” and the body insulted- disturbed- lurched.

“He’s back.” hands wiping tears, “I’m ready.”
Our chance, a grace of future, better choices.
We lifted the stretcher with my boy, my lucky son,
This out-of-body witness to cataclysmic voices.

Could I muffle the drumbeat defiling manhood,
Unnatural messages invading the viable you?
I would sweep them from a culture proposing
Your value has a color, and shame, this I’d undo!

Good folks, yes many, hold wreckage from nihilism.
Ravaged nests with too many ghosts of innocent ones.
” You’re okay, Dan Man.” the strong, crumbling, EMT whispers,
All fathers refuse to out-live their sons.

If you’d enjoy reading what some excellent poets created from the prompt, click the link immediately below.

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31 thoughts on “dVerse Poets Pub~ Exploring the Narrative

  1. This is a beautiful write … hitting home for me. I watched my son fading away in the ER in 2018 ~ septic shock which is a death sentence for most . They brought him back ~~~ I vividly recall thinking ‘is this the way I am going to say goodbye to my boy’ … Life is so horribly unpredictable.

  2. Oh, thank goodness you brought Dan back from the brink! A thoughtful and adrenaline-filled response to the prompt. I love this line of redemption:

    ‘Our chance, a grace of future, better choices.’

  3. Beverly Crawford

    This powerful write packs a punch. It is good that father and son have been given an opportunity to build a stronger bond. Good stuff!

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