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A Sunday Sharing- Promising Brand New Blogs

Yesterday, I did something new. I just browsed the blogosphere without using a tag and found it to be fun. It broadened my outlook too!
During that ‘stroll’ I delighted in finding two extremely new blogs.
The first one I found was by a young woman who is now living in Japan. She is writing ‘her story’ aptly named “The Story of Me”. Her delightful illustrations, and beautifully written first entry, hooked me right away.
The second was a blog from a mother of four living in Hawaii. Her family is soon to be moving to Washington State and she’s chosen to homeschool her kids. The desire to have quality time with our youngsters is strong but many young families cannot figure out how to do it. I’m going to enjoy watching her journey!
I believe I’d like to wander like this on a weekly basis. I have found the repeated visits to the same sites with the same people very rewarding but confining. There are favorite prompts and people I will never abandon but this exploration allowed me to ‘breathe’.
Please check out the two links below and support some newbies. They are in order of my mention above.
Have a great day!

taniedarling – Burgundy Door

Lights of Wonder (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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