Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt- Flutter

Myrtle and Persimmon
Well known to ‘tip a few’.
Myrtle sipped on wine all day,
Persimmon Mt. Dew.

Their temperments were solid.
All folks knew ’bout their ways.
Myrtle mellow as monk,
Perr hadn’t slept in days.

But, while sipping their refreshment,
The glasses got confused,
The tales of that one party,
Making headline news!

Myrtle jumped the fence and ran,
Persimmon lost her stutter,
Scientists reviewed the change,
Their finding caused a flutter.

Experts called a conference,
There was a grand reveal,
Suspect a new corona strain,
That vaccines couldn’t heal!

Panic swept the city,
The virus scare was back.
‘Til Perry popped three bottle corks,
And Myrtle drank a pack.

The doctor served as witness,
It all was just a scare,
But , for the sake of caution,
Five masks are now worn there.

The moral of this story;
Always check your cup.
And media sensation?
Don’t ever drink that up!

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Flutter – April 29, 2021 – Eugi’s Causerie (

12 thoughts on “Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt- Flutter

  1. I really enjoyed this take on the ‘flutter’ prompt.
    Social media is such a detriment.
    I remember reading once a few years back that a child sued a parent because of all the ‘baby’ pics Mommy posted!!

    The image though reminded me of a different flutter – The ‘Vapors’ of old Southern gals… just a polite way to say excuse me so they could ‘pass gas!’

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