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Open Link Night d’Verse Poets Pub- Working It Out

A racket started in a shed
‘Tween a shovel and a rake,
They each felt top importance
A choice they ought to make.

The shovel flexed its muscles,
Claimed lifting’s all it takes.
Retorting was the other,
“No holes are made by rakes!”

The battle raged for hours.
All the gauges got the ‘hots’.
The hose became incontinent,
Rope hammock was in knots.

“Enough!” a shadow shouted.
The hoe cried, “It’s the broom!”
“I brush things up inside and out.”
Then it swept across the room.

It was never really settled
Which tool held the most clout.
If your shed remains real quiet,
Just know they worked it out.

Open Link Night #291 | dVerse (

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

42 thoughts on “Open Link Night d’Verse Poets Pub- Working It Out

      1. I loved your idea of inanimate objects fighting! Makes sense to me! LOL
        btw I had to look up Shel Silverstein.
        From what I read your stuff’s a lot better 😉😊

  1. Hahahaha…What a cool tale.
    (My shed’s ruled by the sprinkler, who just hoses everybody down if they get too rowdy.)

  2. My mower keeps dropping oil….tools complain they keep slipping…….guess that explains the utter ‘mess’ when I open the door….like a pile of ‘pickup sticks’….remember that game?

    1. HA… yes I remember. I actually had considered saying that the lawnmower couldn’t hold its oil!
      All that arguing leaves my shed messy too.
      If their hubris catches on with the power tools, I’m going to be in real trouble!
      Thanks. 😉

      1. I am a saw the mighty saw
        Electric, powered to go
        I am in charge of all of you
        To me now bow down low

        whimper whimper (power drill -junior version)
        judder judder (jigsaw)

        To you great one we all bow down
        We bow down at your teeth (not feet Susan)
        You keep the law and order here
        And stop shedloads of grief

        My tool shed’s hunky dory Susan……trained up the saw well….

      2. Delightful conclusion. lol
        If the power goes out, there will be chaos. Seems the generator is in ‘charge’ then.
        Sparks will surely fly.
        Darn generators drink heavily but choking them, now and them, helps keep them in check.

      3. Now that is some quite insightful insights there….I’m impressed

        My tools heard this and wish to respond (see what you’ve started?. ….I know I know it’s all dVerse’s fault)

        You think you’ve got things organised
        But GENERATOR I
        Am master of you rabbly lot
        Cross me and you die

        whimper shake whimper (drill junior)
        jugger shake jugger (jigsaw)
        he’s all talk (KING SAW)

        GEN and KS insisted on caps……never get offside with a generator or power saw Susan….results can be diabolical

      4. 🤣 😁👊 Well played.
        Generators are show offs but run things well. The Govenors of their domain.
        Found a crack in my solar panel, apparently they’re spiteful and jealous too!
        I’ll surely watch my back. Thanks for the warning… and fun.

  3. Well, this is a delightful frolic in the toolshed. I love everything about it — the rhyming and rhythm, and the humor especially!

  4. Entertaining to visualize this! I had to laugh at this…”The hose became incontinent”, not only funny but also because I didn’t think I’d read another poem with the word, “incontinent” in it, after Ingrid’s! 😀

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