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Haibun Monday – d’Verse Poets Pub


The Spring season’s chilled breath holds back the inevitable procession toward summer. I button my over shirt until the sun makes its intention known and coaxes me to strip that layer. Even the robin fluffs itself as it bops in the thickening grasses rewarded with tender newly awakened worms. This moment of ‘just right’ fills me. I wouldn’t mind elongating this period to put off the advent of dog days.

Green is my season
Relishing the temperate
Sublime revival

Haibun Monday 4-26-21: The Present Moment | dVerse (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

36 thoughts on “Haibun Monday – d’Verse Poets Pub

  1. I agree. There’s nothing worse than “The Dog Days” of Summer. Spring is the best time of the year. 🌞🌼🌸💜🦋

      1. You can’t escape the heat! Well I can’t. No AC. Plus the air is fresher in Spring. 😊
        Forget sunbathing!!!! UGH! 😎🙄

  2. Ah, I resonate with this. I prefer the in-between of spring and summer. Not so much summer itself. Very well-written and expressed.

  3. Our “Dog Days” up here on Vermont’s Canadian border are those in which we put away our parkas and go around wearing nothing but flannel.

    Can’t wait!!

    Cool Haibun.

  4. I love the opening phrase, Susan, the ‘Spring season’s chilled breath’, which describes this morning in a nutshell! I also love the image of the robin, a familiar visitor to my garden too. And I agree, I wouldn’t mind elongating spring – I’m definitely not looking forward to dog days.

  5. Ahhh, the loveliness that is spring with it’s on again, off again jacket inspiring weather. I love it, too. Well done, Susan!

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