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Six Sentence Story- Breaking That Evil Spell


When Fayette turned eight, she never expected to lose her lifelong charmed attitude toward life but her interests in making daisy chains, collecting pollywogs in mason jars, and creating her own fairytales, just vanished!

She got two favorite gifts for that birthday, an IPod and a cloth bound journal- handmade by her elderly neighbor, Dora -who had delighted in her joyful company, and enchanting stories, on a regular basis.

Two weeks passed and she hadn’t even thanked her neighbor, as Fayette’s interests had turned entirely to watching videos, and facetiming with friends, losing all sense of time and, unknowingly, all sense of herself too.

The, now lonely, and deeply disappointed Dora watched Fay sit for hours on her porch hypnotized by a glowing screen with eyes that had become fixed, and blank, so while watering her tulips, Dora resolutely marched to their shared property line and turned the hose’s full force directly on the distracted child.

The shock produced an ear piercing squeal and compelled Fay to drop her device, scattering glass shards the length of the porch, thus producing several more ‘aftershock squeals’ before she ran inside to demand Mommy make her world whole again.

Another week passed before a knock came on Dora’s door and standing there was sweet Fayette with her journal and an effervescent smile, “Thank you for my beautiful journal Dora, I wrote a story for you about a princess who woke up to find fairies and flowers everywhere after an evil spell was broken by a really good witch who loved the princess so much that she broke her IPod.”.

This story is dedicated to my 8-year-old granddaughter who is often called ‘mush brain’ by her grandmother when she uses her IPod. πŸ˜€

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

31 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Breaking That Evil Spell

  1. It seems like her mother did make the world whole again for both Fayette and Dora. That cloth bound journal was one of Fayette’s two favorite presents. It makes me wonder how one would make such a journal.

  2. Great SSS and a good message about the impact computers can sometimes have on children and adults also.

  3. I love a happy ending πŸ˜€
    Fay was lucky to have someone intercede such that she was able to come to her senses, albeit with the help of a hose! All too often young people are drawn in, then consumed, by the lure of the screen. Daresay there are a fair number of adults could use a “hose” as well, lol

  4. Ooooh… kids and tablets. They generally don’t know how to manage and balance the amount of time that they spend on them. I’m glad that Fay reconnected with her old interests.

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