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Friday Fictioneers 4/24/21- Terribly Revealing

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“Hi, this is Jan from the Gender Studies department. How are you?”
“Fine. What’s this about?”
“We heard that you’re having a ‘gender reveal’ tonight on the canal. As a professor at our University, we strongly suggest you cancel.”
” Why?”
“We don’t believe your ‘reveal’ is consistent with our values.”
“And unless you cancel, we’ll have to reconsider your position here.”
“My decision to announce my child’s sex is a problem?”
“Its gender can’t be determined. I’m trying to educate you.”

That evening,Tracy joyfully learned she would have a daughter.
The University would hear from her lawyer.
(100 words)

For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 4/24/21- Terribly Revealing

  1. I hope this isn’t based on a real case? That’s an institution/employer getting a little bit too deep into somebody’s business!

  2. I have a lot of very strong feelings on this subject. I feel like I’m going to be the one person to side with the university *in theory* if not in practice. Yes, people like to have their cultural traditions and obviously this is intrusive on their part as an institution. However on a personal level, “gender reveals” of children prior to their birth have also been offensive to me (why does it matter so much?) I feel like our (minority) voices should be heard without it being like oh, that’s stupid.

    Yes, most people are “okay” going along with their biological/assigned gender. I’m aware that to some parents this is a big deal. But not shares the same POV on this, and this kind of thing actually hurts some of us more deeply than you might think if no one ever says it. So, I’m saying it. Not as a mindless university but as an actual person with actual feelings. Reading this actually hurt my feelings and made me feel a little attacked. I know not on purpose but still. With love.


    1. Um… so sorry that you’re sensitive on the topic. Freedom and tradition are not something we “like”, it’s our right. It is nonnegotiable.
      No one has the right to tell you what to do, or how to feel, and the same goes for each of us.
      Feeling uncomfortable, isn’t fatal, by the way.

      I’m sure you didn’t mean to ‘offend’ me either but I’ll live.
      Peace. 😘

      1. I know. Just saying. I do intend to at times make the comfortable uncomfortable when I believe they are doing something wrong. Just wanted to be clear I can see both sides on this issue, and that I am on the other side. Not in the sense of govt legislation or this kind of intervention but in the sense of here is why I don’t personally believe in gender reveal parties. Yes the offense was very much on purpose and with love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. Prov 27:6

      2. I’m certain that your intentions were good ones. My point/ offense was also on purpose.
        What does expressing offense hope to do?
        It certainly should not impose a change of behavior on others. Once expressed, what’s the goal? I’m curious. Would it be okay to tell a Christian that their crucifix offends?
        I’m sure it does to some.
        It seems people ought to keep what offends them to themselves. Expressing it appears to be an unusual way to get along with others.

      3. In this case, I was in a quandary, because as part of Friday Fictioneers and blog etiquette, I know I’m supposed to say something. Normally, I would vote with my feet and not say anything. I was looking at comments hoping someone else would have said this first, and I was going to be like, me too. Now you know. Awkwardness over. Because no one else said it, I was like well, better explain.
        If I asked an atheist or Protestant friend about my crucifix, I would appreciate an honest response. I mostly wouldn’t ask because I would know they don’t believe in it. They wouldn’t need to explain, because I know it offends. I wear jewelry especially religious jewelry for myself and God, not other people. I wear a rosary bracelet with a crucifix and a miraculous medal for this reason. People have told me it is pretty because it is, but that is not my main reason for wearing it. I have a special devotion to Mary the Mother of Jesus,, and that is why. It brings me comfort.

        I’ve found sometimes honesty is the only way to really get to know someone. Otherwise you spend your whole life wondering.
        It does depend. I suppose in part I know you are a good person and that was part of my thinking here, that it is worth saying the truth and not just pretending I didn’t read it. Mostly it was oh man, I am supposed to comment. It is probably better to comment than say nothing. What can I say other than I kind of side with the school here. Honestly until I got to the end, I thought that was going to be the ending. That they would not have the party because it would be better not to, not because of some intrusive rule. I do find it wrong they were fined.

      4. Thanks for your engagement.
        I wear a crucifix and pray every day too.
        The point of my story was about freedom.
        I think gender reveal parties are pretty silly. That also wasn’t the point because when it comes down to it, what others think really isn’t important. You and I would not stop being Christians.
        Your comment that others should know when they’re doing something ‘wrong’ was what disturbed me. You have no authority to decide what others do. I would defend you if someone tried to force you to go to a ‘gender reveal’ but your opinion of them really is no one elses business.
        A university or corporation or tech company does not decide social norms and, nowadays, they are imposing on our freedoms. That’s not okay.
        You can agree with the school in this story but siding with their arrogant judgement to impose their opinions on someone using economic and professional pressure is wrong. There’s the rub.
        Again, this has been a wonderful discussion and I too believe you’re very nice.

      5. I’m also not feeling well today. And it is hard to say to what extent that has caused me to be more wordy or a bit more irritable than usual. I am absolutely more irritable than usual.

        I think it is possible to do something wrong and still be a good person. I hope so, otherwise I’m in trouble daily I’m sure. And now, I need rest. Thank you for taking so much time, Susan. And for being gracious.

  3. It’s frightening that employers have the right to interfere in employees’ personal lives on any topic! You’ve shown that so well.

  4. Great premise! These gender reveal parties have really gotten out of control. 😉

  5. Interesting story. The university is too bossy on something that trivial. But maybe it makes her think. Gender reveal parties seem a rather recent tradition, quite overdone in my view (I read abour one with explosions recently, what?) and if we always kept our traditions, we’d still live in caves.

  6. Damn… The world is insane. This institution is crushing freedom. Wrong think is worse than actually breaking the law these days.

    Gender reveals are odd – A girl, YAY. A boy, YAY.

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