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Mason Wants to Know- Paranormal Experiences

This weeks question:
‘Have you or your characters had a paranormal experience?

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Great question, Mason!
While I was a first year college student (I never finished but that’s a tale for another day.),
I had a Philosophy professor who was a paranormal fanatic. Actually, the students often would suggest something paranormal just to get him off topic starting a class long recital of his own personal tales.
One of his stories was of a local woman who was being haunted by an entity in her apartment. She’d asked this professor for help. He researched her domain to find that the previous resident had passed suddenly in that apartment a few years before. It was a woman and he found out her name.
The phenomena experienced were the lifting and banging of countertop appliances, often her toaster. This woman’s scariest experience was sitting in her rocking chair and having it start to rock furiously as if someone had grabbed the chair from behind and was trying to eject her! (I can’t fully remember, but I believe the woman, who was being terrorized, had also seen shadowy apparitions of a small woman too.)
The professor’s recommendation was to address the ‘spirit’ by name and tell her that the apartment did not belong to her anymore.
The desperate woman took his guidance. And the hauntings became less frequent and finally stopped.
What does this have to do with me, you ask?
Well, shortly after my husband and I moved into our house (our property line is shared with a cemetery), we noticed occasional banging on our living room floor. We could feel the vibration, as well as, hear it. It’s an old house and it was wintertime so we thought it was our furnace in the cellar. Come Springtime, we were experiencing the loss of small items ( pack of cigarettes or a pinned up grocery list) never to be found again. Most we chalked up to our own forgetfulness but a few baffled us because we were able to confirm that they actually had existed and now were gone with no other people having been around. The banging continued after the furnace had been off for the summer, too.
I told my husband about that story from my professor and we agreed, ‘why not?’. We weren’t scared, just intrigued. I addressed a message down our cellarway to leave the premises because it was our home now.
Hey… the banging never happened again and we didn’t purchase a new furnace for 20 years.
The creepiest stories I ever heard, from someone trusted as a source, were from a family friend about people he knew who had weird experiences. Perhaps, I’ll get the chance to share them sometime. 🙂

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

8 thoughts on “Mason Wants to Know- Paranormal Experiences

  1. Sounds, like my type of professor!
    From my experience telling a possible ‘spirit’ to either be quiet and stop breaking things or to get out as they don’t belong there anymore usually works. At least your neighbours are nice and quiet hey?

    Thanks for playing along Susan. I appreciate it!

      1. Sounds great. I have two cemetaries on my road. The first is a new one. They bury people in reed coffins standing between tree roots in there – very weird. The second is ancient and almost lost to the woods. I told a ghost story about it called Saintless on my website.

  2. Very interesting stories and experiences. I don’t doubt that some form of spirit or entity was involved. I’ve had many strange things happen that have no other explanation than this. It doesn’t scare me, just is that I’m aware when odd things happen. 🙂

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