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Mason wants to know…

What’s your favourite book? Make a post to tell me about that book. Put this link in your post to create a pingback or simply share the link in the comments. Don’t forget to come back and read some of the posts if you share. Most importantly have fun my friends.

A wonderful blogger has asked us to write a post about our favorite book.
That is a really hard question?!
My first love of a book was The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.
I discovered it in my teens and it was also the first book that I reread.
Adventure…Nature…Animals… I was hooked!

Then came my discovery of the short story!
Ray Bradbury’s Illustrated Man blew my mind!
That is likely my choice for all time favorite.
Short stories are my favorite genre.
That’s why I enjoy flash fiction so much. Every word counts quite like poetry. I’m a ‘get to the point’ person in general so, although there are some dandy long novels, the short story works its magic well for me.

Thanks Mason, for this opportunity and prompt!

Magic of Books – Masons Mind Menagerie (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

7 thoughts on “Mason wants to know…

  1. Hello, Susan.

    Thank you so much for playing along. You chose two wonderful books. Jungle book is a naturalists dream and a wonderful tale of survival against the odds. That’s before the songs were created for it.

    An Illustrated Man. Is just wow. It’s truly mesmerising.

    Thanks again, Susan!

      1. I think you still ought to develop the ‘Mason wants to know” prompt. Do one next Monday and I’m sure it’ll catch on. You have many loyal followers.

  2. I agree about The Illustrated Man as mind-blowing. Bradbury had a magical imagination. To me, some of this stories feel like he couldn’t type fast enough, the story was flowing through him so quickly.

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