Six Sentence Story- Outsmart or Underestimate?

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At certain points in our history, engineers believed they could outsmart users of modern machines but underestimated human ingenuity when it comes to convenience and freedom of use.
The dreaded handle on lawnmowers that stops the engine when released so the handler can remove obstacles without putting his hands in the blades was overcome with a bungee cord rather than creating a danger-free experience, which was already danger-free for non-idiots.
Of course, all creative ‘safety’ measures come from an initial place of underestimating average human intelligence and often have a reverse effect in the ‘for your own good’ department by complicating the use of machines.
There are those seatbelt alarms arguably more distracting and less effective than their clever creators intended especially when the driver is antagonized into buckling up while in motion or pressed to trick their vehicle into being quiet.
The best one was a car model that required the seatbelt to be buckled before the engine and gear system could be engaged, a child safety measure so foolproof parents could leave their keys in the ignition, and that one was outsmarted by my 4-year-old cousin who had watched his parents perform the necessary steps, and easily started the car using those observations, almost running over his Mom.
The moral of this story is: there will always be stupid people doing reckless things so making everyday machines more difficult to use and more expensive to produce, in the name of safety, may neither be the best possible nor most efficient use of innovative engineering.

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25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story- Outsmart or Underestimate?

  1. always a topic guaranteed to provoke a lively discussion… one all the more telling when we look at out own arguments (for or against) in the context of an emotional state that would, imo, tell an even more revealing and provocative tale on the the individual taking whatever side….
    fun Six!

  2. This made me chuckle, Susan, the responses too. Shall I admit I was one of those dreadful ‘elf and safety people? 20+ years in risk management no less! Oh, it seems I’ve already let the cat out of the bag 😉

  3. I believe it was Einstein who said ‘The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.’
    You said pretty much the same thing, but far more entertainingly!

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