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Sunday Writing Prompt- End of the Road

My prompt this week is to write your response to the phrase, “The End of the Road.”

green leafed tree

At the end of the road, I spied a path.
I followed it.
As I ambled along there were signs of life once invisible.
I studied them.
There were rustlings and babbling creeks.
I listened closely.
Soon, I realized there was nothing familiar left.
I paused, unsure.
While sitting on a stump,
a fox trotted by pretending I wasn’t there.
A deer lifted its head from the ferns and snorted a warning.
An owl left the canopy and perched in a nearby tree, giving me the ‘once over’.
The forest paused, unsure.
All was quiet.
Then… a woodpecker rapped a distant cadence and birds began to sing darting about. Their shadows danced along the mossy floor.
Two chipmunks existed my ‘chair’ chasing each other in a comical frenzy.
A tree frog sang his summoning serenade and the sun streaked through the treetops illuminating fairies of pollen and dust.
As I stood to go home, retracing my steps trying to find the end of that road, wasn’t necessary.
I wasn’t lost.

Sunday Writing Prompt – The End of the Road – March 28th | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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