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coolest frog
photo by sillyfrog

Once a pond a time,
There was an ancient solitary bullfrog.
He preferred to sit in the same spot; day in and day out.
Every evening, the backwater pond sprung to life.
Squeaking, peeping, splashing, and gulps filled the air.
The bullfrog never made a sound.
The other wildlife questioned his remoteness.
They even teased and tormented him trying to dislodge him from his trance.
The bullfrog never moved and never responded.
He was fat and healthy.
He fed opportunistically on the constantly moving insects and frogs.
Since he never moved, every calorie increased his size.
He watched and waited.
One day, an excursion of children found the back water.
When all the other frogs jumped to escape, the bullfrog still sat.
They marveled at the largest frog there had ever been!
A few of them threw rocks at the monstrosity, then grew bored and left.
One child stayed behind. She sat on the bank and quietly observed this marvel.
The bullfrog broke his lifelong silence and talked to the child.
“You are patient and kind, young one.”
Startled, the child didn’t answer.
“I have much to tell you. Will you listen?”
The wide eyed child nodded.
“I dearly wanted to learn the meaning of life. I’ve sat here watching all the days, the trials, the tragedies and the joy. I’ve been here forever. My body has lost any ability to move, now. My mind is fading with age and yet I have no answer.”
The child brightened and said, ” Do you want to play with me?”
The ancient solitary bullfrog’s fading eyes smiled and sparkled like the nighttime stars.
He laughed long and hard.
Then he croaked.

FOWC with Fandango — Solitary – This, That, and The Other (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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