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Fandango’s Flashback Friday-A Little Bit Strange

For Flashback Friday, I wanted to share a fun poem I wrote over 10 years back.
Fandango’s Flashback Friday — March 19 – This, That, and The Other (

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Charity bit Jenny

Jenny bit a bug

The bug bit Susie

Then hid underneath the rug

Susie bit Jasper

Who sat upon a stool

The stool tipped over

Kept Jasper after school

Jasper bit his dog

Who blamed it on the cat

The cat bit our neighbor

Who believed it was a bat

The neighbor called the MD

The MD didn’t care

Then the neighbor bit the postman

On the derriere.

The postman went crazy

(we know they often do)

Bit a passing hobo

Who bit a bird or two

The birds bit an elephant

Who took it quite to heart

Now that you are listening

Here’s the funny part

The elephant bit a kid

Who was visiting the zoo

The police were called

And took an interview

The questioning went on

‘Til they solved the crime

Now Charity’s in shackles

Doing lots of time

The moral of this story

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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