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Six Sentence Story – Filter

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photo by sillyfrog

Spot saw the whole thing.

The illegal entry through the kitchen window, the trashing of the emptying cupboards, and the backdoor getaway, all while the family was on vacation.

He had sat motionless in the gravel trying not to draw any attention to himself because he knew, all too well, what happened to innocent witnesses of crimes from the missus binge watching all those ‘true crime’ stories on the kitchen TV every Sunday afternoon.

With his water and glass tank between himself and the crime, he got a magnificently clear 10X magnification of every detail but, unfortunately, describing those criminals’ voices would be impossible due to the deafening (terribly annoying) hum of the filter.

Upon the family’s return there were a lot of muffled squeals, shouts, and naughty words, before the police arrived, so all in all,-even though his disgusting gradual dissolving vacation feeder was gone- he didn’t get involved until the officer started asking for information which Spot was expectantly ready to divulge right down to the blue rose tattoo, nose-ring, and creepy lime green contact lenses the tall one wore.

Closing his notepad, the policeman stood asking the missus one last question, “What’s wrong with your fish?” because, by this time, Spot was doing the side stroke waving his fin out of the water wanting his turn but she, quite condescendingly, answered instead, “He’s just a greedy little bugger who is always begging for food.” so Spot decided, right then and there, never to tell them a DARN thing!

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story – Filter

  1. This is so creative. I love where your mind went to respond to our cue this week. Very clever and cute. Love “side stroke waving his fin out of the water.” HaHa

  2. Very fun Six.

    Surely one of the best things about this format is how it encourages us to take the (narrative) path less travelled.

    Out if the mouths of betas and all

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