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Fandango’s Provocative Question #113- Vaccination

Have you gotten vaccinated for COVID-19 yet? If not, are you planning to? If you have, or are planning to, how do you think your life will change afterwards? If you’re not planning to get vaccinated, why not?
This is a great question! It’s one I’ve thought about and researched.

No, I’m not getting the vaccine, at least, not in the near future.

I’m a strong believer in vaccines. The current ‘vaccine’ isn’t an ordinary kind, though. It uses mRNA to change the body’s cells into something artificial that (hopefully) will recognize the Covid-19 cells if they enter the body. In essence, it’s an experiment. Any medical professional who is clearly representing it, calls it ‘the experimental covid vaccine’.
So, knowing that, I researched similar vaccine testing. In all of those animal studies, yes all, the vaccine wasn’t deadly or harmful at first, but later on, those modified cells ended up killing the animals by encouraging their bodies to ignore the virus instead of attacking it.
There haven’t been long range clinical studies on our current human Covid-19 vaccines because they are brand new.
Healthy and young people just may be at a larger risk of future ‘vaccine’ unknowns than they are from a virus that has over a 98% survival rate for those people. Those aren’t terrible odds in any gamble, and life is never danger-free at any time.
On top of that, there are several available ‘early onset’ treatments that have been hugely effective. As everyone knows, AIDS does not have a vaccine. Why aren’t there increasing deaths and worries? Because, there are excellent treatments that have been developed.

Oh, and stop confusing positive tests numbers with Covid-19 deaths. Compare them. The vast majority of people who have been exposed were never hospitalized. Herd immunity is likely getting closer than reported. South Africa predicted a huge problem with few vaccines and more cases… it never happened. The most natural and predicable progression of any virus is to become more spreadable and less lethal.

In closing, another worry of mine is the politicization of the whole Covid-19 pandemic. The censorship of information and pharmaceutical boycotts have been unconscionable!
In a time of uncertainty, more questions and more information is the true scientific method, not censorship. Informed consent starts with information. The ‘political’ pressures are fully onboard with only this ‘vaccine’ SAVING THE DAY but won’t tell us how it will actually save us. By the way, the ‘vaccine’ makes a ton of money for the already suspect Big Pharma, so being suspicious of media campaigns isn’t an outlandish position for any thoughtful person. Few ‘experts’ are honest enough to just admit they aren’t sure sometimes which would make me more apt to trust their advice, also.
I’m healthy, I’m informed, and I’m waiting.
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16 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #113- Vaccination

  1. It seems I’m waiting whether I want to or not. What with age categories etc. They’re doing 80+ right now. I’ll be 70 this year.
    I just don’t feel right about getting it. I’ve never had the Flu vaccine either.
    I’m not too concerned. I’m isolated anyway.
    An excellent post!

    1. Thanks! You may have heard that they’re anticipating the need for booster shots. This concerns me about the elderly and infirm getting their shots first. We know how little regard there was for them when this started. I’m afraid they’ll learn about the effectiveness timespan of the vaccine only when elderly, already vaccinated, start getting sick again.

      1. Yah I heard about the booster shots.
        I’m afraid what the virus has done is cause more potential deaths from lack of screening for cancer etc. That’s something that will put more people at risk of dying. With or without with vaccine. It’s a subject concerning at lot of doctors.
        One way or the other I’m in no hurry. Que Sera.

  2. I know that these COVID-19 vaccines were developed in record time, but I decided to get the vaccinations anyway, as much for my own safety as for the safety of my own family members, friends, and others I come in contact with. I decided that the risks associated with getting vaccinated were less than those of not getting vaccinated. I do, though, understand your hesitancy.

    1. Much appreciated. The experts are telling those who are vaccinated that they aren’t safer from being spreaders. The taking of the vaccine to protect others isn’t part of their sales pitch, from what I’ve heard.
      Everyone’s personal choice is of value. Thanks.

      1. Can I ask you why, when I click on your avatar it takes me to “,’which is listed as a private site and not to “,” which is where your actual posts show up?

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