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#FOWC ~ Personal Space

I’d written this initially for a Six Sentence Story prompt but believe that exercise calls for more of a fairytale response than one meant to “prod” people. Today’s FOWC offered me a chance to use it. Yes, it’s meant to prod everyone’s thinking and assumptions.
Have a great day!
The prompt word is “space”.

Tony had a busy day planned.
He was about to run errands but first his daily Covid-19 Cleanse had to be done which entailed refilling anti-bacterial soap dispensers, washing his clothes and showering, and wiping down the interior of his car before getting in and grabbing his favorite “Back Off” mask on the dashboard and leaving.
Tony went first to the bank and withdrew cash from the ATM, then he stopped at the drugstore and was delayed a bit because three unmasked teens were loitering around the space by the entrance just talking, AND they weren’t socially distanced either, so he waited for them to leave causing him to be desperately behind schedule presenting him no choice but to dash past them flashing a most furious look!
Finally, he went to the grocery market, grabbed a cart after sanitizing his hands, strictly followed the arrows on the floor, and bought the ingredients for three days of dinners so he wouldn’t have to frequent populated areas like the grocery store too often.
His journey complete, he unloaded the groceries, grabbed the mail, and poured himself a glass of wine when a UPS delivery notification popped up on his phone, so he retrieved his package by his door in time to wave at the driver, and wondered, would he now get some ‘down time’ after a most hectic morning?
Two days later his job required a Covid-19 test and when his quick test came back positive, which required a quarantine loss of worktime and another test, he set out to find those ANTI-MASKER teens hoping to file a criminal complaint!

FOWC with Fandango — Space – This, That, and The Other (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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