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Six Sentence Story~ A Child’s Insight


The small child sat tenderly wrapped in her grandmother’s arms studying her face.

“Why do you have so many lines around your eyes and mouth?”

“Those are the ‘roads’ made by all my smiles on my journey through life, sweetheart.”

The child then looked down at their clasped hands and ran her fingers lovingly across raised blue veins while Grandma explained them as ‘rivers’ of blood that have worn wide banks from their own longtime travels.

The sweet baby turned her adoring eyes upon Grandma’s face, once again, and sighed.

“Then, all those whiskers must be your trees.”


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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

27 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story~ A Child’s Insight

  1. Loved how this beautiful story was going then wham! Finished with such humour! Great write!

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