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SoCS- Butter


God really blew it when it came to making small children irresistibly physically appealing and making teenagers awkward and moody.
This prompt word ‘butter’ made me instantly recall cute little four-year-olds wielding their charms and puppy dog appearances in manipulative efforts meant to ‘butter up’ adults.
It works!
Kids become masters of the ‘smooze’ often before they can talk.
But teenagers are unlovable in appearance and temperament. What the heck?
They need more of everything (love, understanding, guidance, and adult presence) and somehow were created to sabotage all those things.
Some say it’s the process of getting parents to prepare to let them go. Hogwash!
Teenagers need parents to hold them more tightly during their ‘trials’ of puberty.
Don’t confuse my opinion on the need for more parenting with being intrusive and overprotective. I mean more alert and engaged. We have to be smarter, and more devious, than those incomplete awkward ‘adultlings’. It calls for more sleepless nights, more monitoring, and more understanding than the ‘terrible twos’ required.
That realization is usually a big surprise!
I blame it all on the too frequent comparison of kids to puppies which is a somewhat cruel ‘bait and switch’.
Puppies ruin stuff, need training, and keep you busy but become easier to live with from there on.
Not so with children!
Happy Saturday and special blessings for you who have teenagers!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 6, 2021 | (


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