Six Sentence Story – Dancing with Death

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Bumblebee succumbs to a goldenrod spider. photo by sillyfrog

This week’s prompt is to use the word “theory”.

Dancing with Death

It was a life and death drama as dynamic as those of gladiators at the Colosseum in Rome, minus the 50,000 spectators, playing out on a single flower among the late summer weeds.

A goldenrod spider, armed with numbing venom, had ambushed the bumblebee who, in theory, had an equally well-equipped arsenal and likely could have been victorious but for the elements of camouflage and surprise the arachnid utilized with strategic excellence.

It was over in seconds as the venom pulsed into the insect, completely paralyzing the bee removing all possible threats of counter actions, thus sparing the spider any injury before she would dine on the spoils.

In the next few days, another battle most definitely will ensue between predator and prey and this spider, unassured of victory each and every time, will dance with death again in her own pantry for the privilege of sustenance.

She one day soon may meet her match and perish but not without the glory of claiming her place as a formidable warrior in the ongoing struggle of life.

Knowing all this makes human beings impatiently beeping their horns in a long line, at the Burger King drive-thru, look rather lame, don’t you think?

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28 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story – Dancing with Death

  1. “It was a life and death drama… playing out on a single flower among the late summer weeds
    They say, first line is the most important… you have not only engaged the Reader, but treated us to a visual opening that hurries to keep up with the cascade of action that follows.
    Good Six

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