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# 1 Minute Fiction ~ Christmas Hygge

One Minute Challenge Prompt

Dec. 22~ My name is Embla which means ‘first woman on Earth’. The student exchange has been wonderfully exciting so my homesick heart, on this morning, has taken me by surprise.
Christmas Eve is only days away!
This makes me lonely for my homeland in Denmark. I feel like the ‘only woman on Earth’.
Grandmother Lykke will be setting up for a lovely celebration. Lykke means “happy one” and no one exemplifies that name more than she! I dearly miss my grandmother at Christmas.
Dec. 24~ Hoorah! Grandmother sent me a present by special delivery. Inside are the three gnomes that have decorated her Christmas hearth for all of my life. Today, hygge has come in a package!
I was intrigued by the flag the gnome held. It is the flag of Denmark.
As I researched for my brief story, I came across a culture deeply rooted in beautiful tradition. The names chosen for my characters are Danish. The word ‘hygge’ is pronounced sounding like ‘who-gah’. It means contentment and coziness. Hygge is the theme of Christmas Eve in Denmark.
I LOVE LEARNING NEW THINGS! This challenge offered me that opportunity. 😉

February 24th #1MinFiction Challenge – Cyranny’s Cove


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