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Six Sentence Story ~ Rodeo

Describing Sarah’s assignment in the Boston DA’s office as ‘culture shock’ would be an understatement since two months ago she was at home- a recent law degree recipient -on a sprawling Texas ranch.

The teasing about her ‘twangy’ accent and frequent use of the phrase “bless your heart” was the least of her worries because this East Coast community of ‘elitists’ clearly made it known that those ‘down-home’ idiosyncrasies were indicative of a low IQ.

She was allowed to listen to the cases but her internship was more about making coffee and photocopies, therefore, her input was frowned upon and never pursued.

The newest case was about a freshly escaped inmate, who was told -by schizophrenic voices- to lie down in the middle of a secondary road only to be run over in broad daylight, and later die, because the defendant claimed she just didn’t see him.

There wasn’t much sympathy for the inmate, or his family, who pushed for the manslaughter charge which the office big shots thought was impossible until Sarah asked, “What was he wearing? Don’t inmates wear bright orange jumpsuits precisely to stand out?”.

There were ‘high fives’ around the table at the winning angle just revealed by a ‘country bumpkin ‘ who was eventually (discretely) thanked, to which she readily shamed their ongoing overt condescension by saying, ” Y’all prolly thought this was my first rodeo… It ain’t no way near sucha thang.”.


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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

26 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story ~ Rodeo

  1. I LOVE this! I still say, “bless your heart”–and I actually mean it sincerely, but I was shocked to hear a southern TV pastor say it was often used more as mild sarcasm or in a patronizing tone. Anyway, your story hit all the right notes!!

  2. It ain’t no way near sucha thang…
    Loves me some regional dialect/picaresque dialogue*

    Serial? The character is solid and the setting is one that should be way fun to write.

    Very enjoyable Six.

    *ok, maybe that should be monologue (as we don’t get to ‘hear’ them what’s having sport with your heroine)

    1. Thank you so much! That character and situation has been rolling around in need of more. The sport they make of her would be fun to work with. I need more phone calls with my Texas cousin. My Yankee self needs to keep it authentic. (Well, growing up watching westerns helps too.) ;-D

  3. Never discount the fortitude of a hayseed. She showed THEM!
    Love the ‘surprise’ use of the prompt in the final sentence–a well-aimed gotcha, and exactly what you’d expect from your main character!

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