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Simply 6 Minutes ~ Change of Menu and Venue

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Ricky the raccoon, in spite of having an imagination impaired mother who named him, was having a good run of scavenging. His favorite bistro was the garbage can at Vera’s house.
She wasn’t only wasteful, she enjoyed high carb and fatty foods.
But that menu had suddenly changed.
It was Monday night, a time that raccoons everywhere loved. Garbage was piled highest before the Trash Day Tuesday.
To his dismay, Vera had changed her eating habits! All her garbage contained were empty mail order DIET meal containers. No chicken skin, no potato rolls, and NO donuts!
This wouldn’t do.
He waited for daylight.
And in perfect raccoon fashion, chattered his complaint as she walked to her car.
“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, where’s the good stuff?! Have you no soul woman?!”
Vera’s new lifestyle emboldened her in many ways. Unafraid of this obviously rabid animal, she called Animal Control from her car.
Ricky escaped, just before they arrived, changing his preferred dining spot to Thursday nights at Dunkin’ Donuts.
That’s when the local Weight Watcher’s Chapter gathered after their weekly meeting!
(181 words)
{A difficult challenge to wake up to. This took me closer to 10 minutes. Next time, I’ll set a stopwatch. Should be fun!}

Simply 6 Minutes—Welcome To The Challenge: 02/23/2021 – Stine Writing (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

12 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes ~ Change of Menu and Venue

  1. How fun having a cheeky, greedy raccoon as an MC. I’d love to meet one of these charmers. They don’t exist at least in the wild in the UK. A great little story, Love it.

  2. I see that Rocky Raccoon comment is already taken! haha I came to say that and congratulate you on trying and succeeding in this challenge, this sounds tough!

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