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FOWC with Fandango-Repudiate

The fourth grade was given an assignment to create a visualization of a homophone. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and different spellings. Mrs. Baker offered examples such as, wood and would, rain and reign, and beach and beech.
Timothy puzzled over his project as he walked home. He took his favorite shortcut through the city yard where heavy machinery had been excavating a rocky perimeter to enlarge the garage. As he ran his fingers along the wall, he noticed an odd protrusion. It was white and smooth. He grabbed a metal shard among the rubble and scraped around the object. After and hour, an ancient fossilized seashell fell gently into his palm. What a prize!
The next day he took his turn in the front of the class. He held out a box tied up in a bow.
Mrs. Baker offered immediate praise.
“That’s good Timothy but you’ve created a homonym not a homophone. Homonyms are spelled the same, and sound the same, but have different meanings. You ‘present’ a ‘present’ to the class is actually an example of a homonym.”.
Timothy fished the fossil out of the box as he exclaimed, “Nope. I worked a long time scraping this amazing shell out of a ledge yesterday. My homophone project theme is, “What you ‘see’ came from the ‘sea’ AND the boy who ‘pries’ gets the ‘prize’.”
The teacher’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t repudiate his reasoning.
Timothy got an A+.

FOWC with Fandango — Repudiate – This, That, and The Other (


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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