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SoCS February 6, 2021~Flag~

It was a huge “red flag”!
Jen had just overheard her 13 year old son say. ” I shouldn’t say because I have “white privilege.”.
He was responding to a teacher in one of his remote online classes. She hadn’t ever discussed that concept with him so she immediately wondered where that insane comment came from?
Jen worked her way over to his desk and listened to the lesson. It was an online gym class. Yes, there is such a thing.
The instructor held two photos: one of a poor black inner city kid and one of a well -dressed white male with a suburban background. His next question to the Zoom class was now audible. “Now, are you sure that you understand “institutional racism”?”.
Jen felt her face flush with anger. Her son, with a look of horror, tried to bat her hand away from the unmute button.
“Excuse me? What are you filling my son’s head with and WHAT does that have to do with gym class?!”
The stunned instructor didn’t answer at first. After an awkward pause, he replied, ” It’s what I have been instructed to do. No offense. We think this is important.”
“WE?! Who is this “we”?
“The state education board ma’am. They create the curriculum.”
The next day, Jen took her son to the local gym. There, he had an actual gym class. Followed by a history, math, and writing exercise approved by the supreme filter of a social, moral, and truthful education… a homeschooling parent.
The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 6, 2021 | (


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