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Six Sentence Story: Mark

Homeschooling had been discussed but the shutdown of schools nudged them to take that leap.

The kids gathered round the table and simultaneously tapped their laptops.

Moving at their our pace, in their own place, wasn’t only empowering… it was fun.

The morning chatting had run overtime reaching a natural easy conclusion and no one cared.

School days had become layered parfaits of instruction, family values, and exploration on their own terms.

When kids are eager to make their own grade, they’ll certainly leave an extraordinarily personal mark.



I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

27 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story: Mark

    1. At my house it is. I’m a grandma and day care provider. My group is grandkids +1 with kids plugged into purchased age appropriate online studies. I provide the “one on one” instruction and add my own creative flair. It’s not at all scary and the kids are blossoming!

  1. So good to see you posting here at the SSS! I have friends and family who are homeschooling or have homeschooled their children. In many ways I think families who were already homeschooling their children before COVID may have had somewhat of an advantage during this time when so many children haven’t been able to attend school in person.
    Like – “School days had become layered parfaits of instruction, family values, and exploration on their own terms.”

  2. Welcome to Six Sentence Stories, Susan!
    There are times when an “affirmation” from the Universe can help us take a first a step. Homeschooling surely has its advantages as well as disadvantages, both for parent and children.
    Love the positivity of your last sentence.

  3. One of the first people I came to be friends with, once I began to spend time in the blogosphere, lived in rural Wyoming. She homeschooled three boys. This was back on 2010. Remembering her description of the necessary planning and organization, I have an enhanced appreciation of the work and effort required.
    Good Six

    1. The internet has made it far easier since then, I’m sure. There are many excellent sites that do the tedious stuff for a subscription fee. Expanding on those formats, is great fun. Thanks!

  4. Great use of the image of parfait, almost mouth-watering, which is what the best kind of learning should feel like!

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