SoCS March 21,2020 You’re Welcome…Shut up.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “welcome.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!




The number of folks telling others what they should or shouldn’t post on social media during our current “situation” has me more alarmed than the virus.

In our innovative, free, country, according to some, opinion isn’t welcome. The sensitivity factor of others had already thrust political correctness upon us. Today, a few folks seem to think that they ought further the “virtue signaling” control on free speech. We are in the midst of a shared experience and they know how each individual ought to behave.

I’ve seen many comments proposing no “negativity”. I actually understand the tension inspiring this but who do you think you are?! And, what the heck does negativity mean?
Our country was founded on individuality. Opinion is allowed… I like to encourage it. Fewer people would suggest an individual’s handling of grief has a universal code of ethics than there are suggesting they know what our country needs in this moment.
Shut up.
Kindly speak only for yourselves… or not. I am capable of ignoring you once I’ve had my own say.
Opinions are ideas and ideas are what we need. Nobody ever suggested you have to like the ideas but there is a thing called personal responsibility. You are responsible for your own emotional reflex to what others say. Telling people not to speak, or shaming them for expressing themselves, is unacceptable. Take up knitting or something. Probably, discussion isn’t for you. That’s okay.
I watched “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” last night. I not only enjoyed it, I was inspired by it. Of all the heartwarming messages, the one about people talking about their feelings without shame was the best. Division is caused by distance. Distance is caused by the loss of free communication. Those spouting that anything that “disturbs” them personally is divisive to the masses are sorely misunderstanding individualism and our country’s founding principles.
Let’s become more tolerant and welcoming. Listening is far better than reacting. Disagreeing is better than shaming and, more welcoming, than imposing our sensitivities upon others.
You can block posts… you can “unfollow” people… you can even shut off your computer… those are your “nice” choices.
IMHO… you aren’t helping others by attempting to direct their behavior. It annoys them too. This is America.

I recommend you watch that movie.
You’re welcome.
Have a nice day.


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