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Tuesday Writing Prompt February 18, 2020: “Dangerous Thoughts”

While seated on the bridge railing, I studied the horizon. Out of nowhere, a deep voice startled me away from my thoughts.

“Don’t do it. Then again, who am I to tell you what to do? Go ahead. ”

I looked up and there sat a pigeon. He was staring directly down at me. I glanced around to make sure this wasn’t a joke. “Someone must be messing with me.” I thought. But, nobody was there . I was alone.

“You… you talking to me?” I squeaked as I whispered. It felt silly for sure. I was talking to a pigeon? Could this day get any crazier?

“Yup. You don’t see anyone else do you Einstein? Why are you whispering? I’m not with the FBI. You’re not being taped. Speak up!”

“How’d you know what I was thinking? Where’d you come from? Mind YOUR OWN BUSINESS!”

” That’s more like it, Arnold. I knew you had a backbone. Those were dangerous thoughts you were just considering. Killing yourself  would be such a waste. You’re no coward. I know. ”

“How’d you know my name?! A talking, mind reading, pigeon? I’m losing it alright. Oh God… Give me strength! ”

“The BIG MAN ain’t here. He’s down South. Hurricane season, ya know. He sent me instead. I’ll have to do.”

” What in heaven’s name do you want?! ”

” I want to thank you, that’s all. You shooed away that cat and placed me in a tree when I bounced off of your windshield last week. Remember? You took a real chance slamming on your breaks and jumping to my rescue during noontime traffic. Oh boy, that guy behind you was really mad! By the way, is a “son of motherless goat” a real thing? How’s my beak look?  Hasn’t felt the same since… Don’t look at me like that! This talking thing is new to me. I LIKE it! ” 

I felt numb. My mouth was dry and my head ached. After an awkward silence, he went on…

” Any coo, THANKS pal. ”

Suddenly, it started to pour. It was a cloud burst! I was instantly soaked to the skin. My body shivered uncontrollably and all I wanted, now, was a hot shower and a warm meal. The boss, the bills, and all those regrets , could wait. I needed to go HOME!

I wanted to RUN but shielded my eyes from the rain and paused just in time to see the pigeon fly away.
All I could do was shout after him.

“You’re WELCOME!”











I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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