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Writing Prompt #SoCS “cheek” – Cheeky Saturday

It was my turn to visit great-grandma. She was facing away when I walked in and jumped at the sight of me.
“Taylor, why aren’t you at school? Geez Louise, you startled me!”
“It’s Saturday, Grammy. You left your door unlocked again. I could have been a robber!”
“Now, why would a robber visit me on Saturday when that’s your day?”, Grammy giggled. She always found a way to make light of things.
“I’ll pencil the robber in for Monday then. Don’t forget to leave the door open.” I squinted at her in a “gotcha last” fashion.
“Oh darlin’, make it Tuesday, I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday.”
She slapped me on the shoulder with one hand and pinched my cheek with the other. “Set, game, and match, young fella.”.
Saturdays are my favorite.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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