Spatial Sequence Synesthesia


Imagine you can step from one day to the next in three-dimensional space. I can.
Not only that, but I have a three-dimensional “map” for everything that has a numerical sequence. They aren’t all the same. I didn’t copy anyone.
Since I was a child, I’d ask people (when the conversations seemed most intimate), “How do you ‘see’ numbers?”. It took me decades of blank stares and vacant expressions to find out I wasn’t crazy… I have a gift.
My mind created my own personal universe of dates and times!
The study of this phenomenon is quite new. Compiling statistics is difficult because, for many who have it, it’s natural. You may have it.
My discovery was made possible by explaining my “sight” to an online poet friend. After all, poets exist in an alternate realm and especially appreciate bizarre viewpoints, right?
So I took a chance.
She said, ” That sounds like a form of synesthesia.”
I’d never heard of synesthesia! Whoa! My search was about to end and validation was about to be mine. Not only did I learn about myself, I found out about dozens of kinds of “synesthetes”. Some are way more unusual than I. Thank goodness, I feel my synesthesia is a gift. Many find their own version a curse.
Please explore this topic. If you have a lot of interaction with children, learn to watch for signs of them pointing to numbers in space, or looking down toward Saturday. You may have the answer that they long to hear.

~Special thanks to Jamie Dedes. Poet extraordinaire!~


9 thoughts on “Spatial Sequence Synesthesia

  1. Found this on Jamie’s post. I don’t have it personally. But I’ve heard someone who can taste colours. I was fascinated by this kind interblending between different senses ever since I first found out it’s meaning.

    1. Thank-you for your response. There is a lot of study about this topic. As usual, the more that is discovered, the more intriguing and complicated the topic becomes. There’s a hypothesis that babies blend senses and specialize as they mature. Some of us retain some of our “baby” abilities. Some of the types of synesthesia seem as though they would interfere with life. Luckily, my version has enhanced it. πŸ˜‰

      1. You have rekindled my interest in this topic which was buried under everyday mundaneness. I’m actually going to surf the net and books to know more about it. So thank you πŸ™‚
        Also the types which interfere with life sound really scary.

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