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Make “A” While The Sun Shines

Newman was unhappy,
He’d always gotten “A”,
Stomped in every puddle
As he trudged home in dismay.
It started on that morning,
His homework well prepared,
On his way to classes,
He suddenly got scared.
Reaching for his notebook
Is when disaster struck,
He’d left his study binder
Behind in Daddy’s truck.
The woe that overtook him
Was doubled by the rain.
The crack and angry thunder
Mirrored Newman’s pain.
His glasses had been steamy,
The pelting droplets stung,
He’d made it to the building
Just as the bell had rung.
The storm had made him careless,
His pride was ’bout to fell.
Would he ever be the same?
Time may NEVER tell.
He cried ‘like no tomorrow’,
A ‘stitch in time’ and fate.
To err was only Newman,
‘Tis better never late.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

18 thoughts on “Make “A” While The Sun Shines

  1. Love the rhythm, the fateful story of Newman and the twisting in the last paragraph of adages describing Newman’s distress…well done.

  2. Oh My Goodness!!!! I adore this! Completely charming 🙂
    I teach high school and this just rings with so much truth; brings many smiles, too!

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