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School Days: Happy Starts

I didn’t care for children
Who’d push, and cry and drool.
But I loved that brick laid building … three stories was our school.
The walk there held adventure
Our path was through the wood.
Trees sighed their mornin’ greetings… faithfully they stood.
The clearing held a structure
That stood for many years.
A guardian of childhoods’… hopes and dreams and fears.
Huge heavy doors propped open
Swallowed up the gang
Lines forming just like cattle… until the first bell rang.
There just inside the doorway
Stood a giant of a man.
The janitor was winking… he waved his ample hand.
The warmth of his kind greeting
Prepared me for my day.
This happened every morning… meant more than I can say.
Yes, the greeting was enchanting
But the morning held one more.
He passed me on a mission… and slipped outside the door.
First seated in my classroom
Tall windows at my side.
I watched the man unfolding … A cloth that gave him pride.
His posture was respectful
He held it with such care.
Then up he raised Old Glory… and paused a moment there.
It waved in morning breezes
Was retrieved at or departs.
Classes were not always fun … but I loved those school day starts.
As other memories faded
This one stayed so clear.
It’s the little things we notice … that become the ones most dear.

Poetics: Back to School


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

8 thoughts on “School Days: Happy Starts

  1. The morning walk through the enchanting wood likely taught you more than the day’s school lessons combined. But I love the detail of the janitor’s wink. At my high school we had a janitor who was a professional Willie Nelson look-alike. He was on everyone’s “people to chill with” list;)

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