Cultural Dissolve

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No political correctness
No political correctness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a dissolve going on in our culture. Very few actions, that bear a burden of public shame, still exist. That fact, is clearly an alarming example of the erosion of our cultural foundation.

Consider what having a baby out-of-wedlock or being in tremendous debt used to mean. Our culture policed itself by frowning upon such things in years past. Now, those things have no stigma and, therefore, have become culturally acceptable.

The feminists were so zealous in their quest for workplace equality, that they ended up redefining the art of being a “lady” and the act of being a “gentleman”, which I maintain are still worthy titles. Strange how being thoughtful and polite are now viewed as weaknesses? A bad sign, me thinks.

The equal rights defenders have made the fight for justice such a racial endeavor, that it divides us, and distracts us, from our American oneness.

Fairness has replaced, justifiable, in every argument and there IS a difference. Things that seem “fair” quite often don’t justify the burden placed upon others to create such a utopia. Might I add, Utopian ideals belong in the land of unicorns where, I understand, there is no unemployment, debt or greed.

The steps to citizenship have turned into an elevator, with buttons labeled in 7 languages, rather than a goal worthy of being hard-earned.

We accept that all politicians lie, and justice is for sale, without “blinking an eye” while we squabble about semantics (political correctness) to the point of ignoring our common cultural erosion. There is not one problem, other than foreign terrorism, that cannot be explained by and blamed, partly, on our ailing culture.

We don’t recognize that by creating new laws, we also are defining new categories of criminals for an already over-burdened justice system and refuse to realize that the overburdened system, is the reason the current laws aren’t already enforced.

Our media takes advantage of our busy distractions and choreograph our outrage by carefully choosing or boycotting information according to their own tastes and addiction to sensationalism.

Parenting used to be a cultural obligation to our children. Parents who did not take their roles seriously were treated as deadbeats.  Look around, parenting has become a choice according to personal comforts, decided after kids are born. There is no backlash, no stigma, any more.

Look at our current culture and ask, “Is there no shame?”

Seems to me, that pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Cultural Dissolve

    1. I am confident that there are many people who feel much the same. I feel an uprising simmering and changes (for the better) coming soon. Thanks Charles.

  1. Ivory Holloway

    I agree with you. I find it refreshing to know someone as young as you still values being gentlemen and ladies. Unfortunatley times have changed some for the better and some for worse. Today the girls gone wild culture, and the “pimp” or bad boy player attitudes and the sexualized socity seems much cooler among the some of the young generation. Plus due to some liberalism and equality taken too extreme people find being a gentleman and a lady outdated and even sexist or relate them stereotypical roles of the byone era. But the good news is this fact isn’t lost on everyone there plenty of people even many around your age that still value being a gentleman and a lady and themselves delusioned by the behavior of today’s society. Even etiquette schools are increasing hoping to bring back good manners and old fashioned values of character among youths and children. Haven myself beeng blogging aournd the internet I found plenty of blogs and websites that some amond young people that still value the things you mentioned and I might email these sites if you wish. But don’t give up hope of finding others out there. Note to Jazz: Being a gentleman or lady is nothing to do with carrying a parasol or living in another century. Today’s idea of gentleman or lady has evolved from the 19th century and slightly updated for the modern times and not all people have moved on past it.

    1. Your nice comment was in my spam file…I was happy to receive it and find it refreshing when people have similar opinions. Thanks.

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