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The GOOD Funnies

Okay…I’m a bit embarrassed today. I posted a comment, made by my husband, as my Facebook status. I had overlooked a sexual innuendo though. Yes, I can be quite naive. I think my profession as a day care provider for children is partly to blame. My mind rarely entertains what many people call “dirty” thoughts.

My husband loves to make me laugh with his clever ability to play with words. This was my status:

During last weekend’s football playoffs, an ad from Subway announced that they were the official sandwich of the NFL. With out a pause, Ed turned to me and asked, “Now who in the world would want an athlete’s foot long?”

Well now, what I had found funny was the idea of a sub flavored by the athlete’s foot fungus. I think my husband was intending the same meaning but will be questioning his intent when he comes home.

By now, unless you are more naive than I, you can imagine the received meaning of my status by a few Facebook friends. Yikes!

Since drawing more attention to my mistake is not my goal, I’m letting the matter go. This all has been a great lesson and has inspired the subject of this post.

Humor takes many forms and I am not above a chuckle at an “adult” joke, on occasion. But for me, there is nothing that compares with a “good”, “clean” funny.

I’ve attached a clip from a Canadian TV program that exemplifies my case. I hope you enjoy it and if there is any sexual meaning in it, please keep me happily uninformed! Being naive makes me happy. 🙂


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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