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Comedy: The Life and Times

2545117188_9b70af77e5_bWhat makes something or someone funny?

If we could “put our finger” on that, most of us would choose to become comedians. It is fun to be funny!

I was watching my 7 year old granddaughter make her 5 month old sister laugh. A delightful engaging scene. The first thing that I noticed and, had always known, slapstick comedy is ageless. Even infants know that falling on your face is funny and, the addition of surprise to that equation, makes it hilarious.

The puzzle that I am searching to solve is, how do some people make us laugh by their presence alone? I have a giggle reflex that starts when my sister enters the room. The same reflex happens with a few friends of mine too. The immediate solution seems to be that we have an on-going comedy act. Maybe a history of funnies that come to mind or, at least, are lurking in our subconsciousness. That might well be true BUT I have had the same comedic stirrings with new kids/babies in my day care program. One of my long remembered kids and I locked eyes for the very first time and laughed. We each just felt a bubbly energy when we were together.

Which now begs the question, where does that energy originate and what inspires it? Have you ever been in line at a grocery store and felt that connection with a complete stranger? I have. It always surprises and delights me. It’s often been said that dealing with the “public” is a chore. Yes, there are also people who can “put us off” at first glance. Is it their posture, lack of eye contact, facial expression? A fascinating psychological puzzle for sure.

Whatever the chemistry may be called, it makes the world a happier place knowing that comedy is alive and can be found when, and where, we least expect it. Surprise!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

6 thoughts on “Comedy: The Life and Times

  1. Kids are so cute and they always bring a smile to my face. I make a point of trying to laugh at life’s ironies and just roll with the punches…thanks for a delighful post!

  2. I have had similar thoughts with regard to comedy and why something that has me in stitches my husband can’t stand watching. Likewise when he finds immense humour in a program I’m left yawning! It’s quite fascinating how people differ. Another thing I’m intrigued by is why we all differ in our taste for food. Why do my husband’s taste buds hate peanut butter when mine just love it?! There must be some scientific answer. Maybe it’s in our genes! 🙂

    1. Guess our curiosities are similar. Here’s a former post of mine that you may enjoy.
      // ‎

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