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Brainwashing is a common practice during warfare. It was during the Korean War, captors were reported to have brainwashed POWS in prison camps.  Under the influence of brainwashing, many prisoners were beaten, starved and broken. Several ultimately confessed to waging germ warfare, though they had not. Others pledged allegiance to communism by the end of captivity. There was even a small number of soldiers who refused to come back home, proclaiming their new allegiance to the Korean flag.

This brings to question, “Does brainwashing really work?”. In psychology, brainwashing, most often referred to as thought reform; falls under the classification of “social influence”. Social influence happens continuously around the clock. It is a doorway to tapping into another’s attitudes, opinions, behaviors and loyalties.

One doorway used to accomplish these goals is the persuasion method.  This method targets a change of attitude and morals. It is an example of “do it because…

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