It’s a Rock and a Hard place Folks!

079 Capitol Hill United States Congress 1993
079 Capitol Hill United States Congress 1993 (Photo credit: David Holt London)

There is a problem with our government. <<Everyone nods>>

Its central locale is our Congress. <<Everyone snorts>>

It just may be too simple to fix. << Jaws agape…interest confirmed>>

Our Congress is in a bubble that “We the people…” cannot easily penetrate. The idea of setting strict term limits on Congress members has floated around but… really?…do you think they’ll vote for that?

The cry of many Americans is for cleaning out all of the members. If you haven’t wondered, <<why?>>, let me school you about a few things that I’ve learned.

There is an ongoing system of “favors” among members of Congress. In order to get votes on anything, the Congressmen and women offer favors and, with it, their implied loyalty on future votes. There are Lobbyists who dance around trying to buy an interest and some promises for loyalties. The Congress people are not required to listen to lobbyists, but folks…money talks. Power (which can be used for good OR selfishness) comes in the form of loud voices of large numbers.

Here’s the rub…when a few groups of voters get tired of their needs being traded off, they elect someone new to the Congress. Great idea with little clout. New Congresspeople are not called “freshmen” because they have fresh , new, ideas. It’s because they have little power and few connections to bargain with. The “virus” of the long time members with folders full of favors and dealings( who have lost their individual purpose) cannot be stemmed by the few “anti-virus” newbies.

Then, as I mentioned above, we ask the powerful members of Congress to vote for term limits and the end of their jobs and hard fought positions? Guess we are a naive group to be sure.

Ain’t gonna happen and unless we realize that a unified AMERICAN PUBLIC needs to make a louder noise…it’s the rock solid Congress and our country will be a “hard place” to restore to her greatness.

7 thoughts on “It’s a Rock and a Hard place Folks!

  1. Back while Congress was working on the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare I learned for the first time that the so-called “mavericks” in Congress, the ones that seemed to vote against their party but in accord with their constituency’s wishes, were only mavericks in the sense that their own party’s leadership allowed them to be mavericks. These people were told by their party to wait to vote until the outcome of the vote was clear. After enough votes had been gathered to decide the issue, they were allowed to vote against their party’s wishes and thus be a maverick. However if it looked like the outcome was not going to be settled in the way that their party liked, these same mavericks would be pressed into voting against their constituency’s desires and for the party’s position. It was this particular act that opened my eyes to this practice, but my understanding now is that this is the routine procedure for all votes.

    I actually think that the tipping point came when the electoral process for senators went from election by state legislatures to state-wide elections. At that point the political parties acquired an iron-like grip on the electoral process. And it was after that point that incumbents ended up holding life-long seats in the Congress.

  2. In my early twenties, I took a long hard look at our government. I determined then that it was too big, it was broken, and could not be repaired. Then along came Ronald Reagan, and I saw some light at the end of the tunnel. Then, along came Bill Clinton, and the light began to dim. Barack Obama has turned the lights out, and in my opinion, they will not come back on within my lifetime, if ever. I think I know now how the Romans felt.

    1. Proof entirely, that the blindest are those who refuse to see.
      I agree that things are grim…If Mr. Romney were elected, he could not have just reversed everything SO I’m thinking rubbing the delusional folks noses in more Obama might be the wake up call they need. Sadly, time’s a wastin’ !!!

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