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Less used to be More

Studless tire (スタッドレス・タイヤ)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah, I’ve been advancing in the modern world but it doesn’t fit well. We just purchased a newer truck with features we wanted and features that we were unaware of needing. There’s a tire pressure light warning on the dashboard. Really? Of course, the tires are more expensive since they have to have implanted sensors to read. Well, we’ll be by-passing THAT in the future, now won’t we?

Perfect tire pressure is hard to maintain in the Northeastern US. Here, temperatures can rise and fall 40-50 degrees in an afternoon and everyone knows what temps do to tires. I know, optimum tire wear, gas mileage and safety can be diminished with imperfect pressure. Seems that some study must say...while traveling at 55mph on wet or icy roads there can be a loss of traction if tire inflation is off.

Dumb ole consumer! Here’s a tip, when the roads aren’t optimal, slow down!!!! I can’t wait for the first “my tire pressure sensor failed” lawsuit. “That’s right, I would have been able to steer out of the 55mph skid if my car had warned me about the improper inflation.” Recall!

Now, we have an annoying light flashing on our dashboard as a distraction AND the tires cost more. Way to go fellas! I just love a new feature that can go haywire too! Mechanics smile as they charge $80.00 to reset stuff. At least someone is happy. Did I mention that the spare tire is also on the sensor grid? Yup, you need to check 5 tires before the light goes out. Half the cars on the road still have those 50 mile donuts though.

I remember when less was more…The innovators of progress have yet to convince me otherwise.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

2 thoughts on “Less used to be More

  1. LoL… You always make me laugh. Have you seen the cars that automatically slow down if someone or something is in front or back of you? My thoughts are exactly what yours are…The first law suit after running over someone because the sensor failed and you never looked because you thought the sensor was supposed to do it 🙂

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