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Remembering and the Big Picture

The political climate is wrecking havoc on those of us who haven’t “tuned out”. Whichever political party prevails next Tuesday, there will remain half of us who are unhappy with the outcome. Two sides of our country…one, who remembers what we have built and those who hope to create a new efficiency…Americans all.

Fairness is the battle cry of those who are falling on the side that I disagree with. It appears to me that this fairness climate AKA political correctness, is eroding our consumer voices before our eyes.

Remember when…the size of a tip given for appreciated services was an option, a reward, for the conscientious, not an automatically added charge?

Remember when…a company that was too top-heavy failed and rebuilt itself on a better foundation?

Remember when…a person’s ability was the measure of their worthiness for hire or college acceptance? Please don’t bring up the 60s and before…(we are hopefully aware of our past but do not owe any apologies  unless we continue sorting for whatever reasons.) Now you see how remembering serves a purpose?

Remember when…TV stations needed popular public opinion to sustain their financial existence? Buying cable packaging requires consumers to support channels who would not survive otherwise. Blocking them on your individual TV, after all, does not impact their success.

Remember when…buying American made products was an option for those who needed to closely budget their income, not a more expensive choice?

Remember when…the opinions of parents carried more weight in their children’s education than the teachers unions?

Remember when…home ownership was a viable expectation not a dream?

I’m not convinced that either party has all the answers and I’ve been accused that I can’t see the BIG picture by progressive individuals. No one can argue that the inequality of the races, the sexes and the disadvantaged has not progressed and , yes, still exists (to a lesser degree). The pendulum of fairness swings both ways, my friends, and I advise you not to “throw the baby out with the bath water” in the guise of fairness. Remember…two wrongs don’t make a right but being “right” can not be all wrong either. NAH< NAH< NAH to my friends on the left. 😉

Vote on November 6th…it is your duty.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

11 thoughts on “Remembering and the Big Picture

      1. I was just reading that changes in how things are done in my home state of Ohio may delay the determination of who was elected president. That’s only true if Ohio is the make-or-break state that everyone keeps saying it will be. Anyway this was the first year where unsolicited applications for an absentee ballot were sent to all registered voters. In some cases people request an absentee ballot, then don’t send it in, and instead show up at their polling place on election day. The concern is that the person might get to vote twice by mailing in their absentee ballot and voting in person. So if a person asked for an absentee ballot and then shows up at their polling place on election day, they are given a provisional ballot that won’t be counted until 10 days after the election to make sure their absentee ballot isn’t still making its way through the mail.

        The catch is this year is because everyone in the state was invited to ask for an absentee ballot, a huge number of people did. So far 350,000 of these have not come back. It could well be that over a quarter million voters on election day will have their ballots set aside as provisional ballots. This is number exceeds the difference in the polls between the two candidates. So if it comes down to Ohio, the nation may have to wait 10 days to hear how the election came out.

      2. WOW…all that vote handling gives me greater fear of access to tampering from either side! I may be cynical but my eyebrows are raised over the decision to invite everyone to vote early in such an important State!

  1. A lovely post which provokes thought. But while we do see the shortcomings of the existing political process, we do not seem to have a better option….


    1. Thanks Paula! I’m in Christmas mode and too busy for writing…you are so kind to keep in touch. Merry Christmas to you too!
      I’ll be back after Christmas on a new computer!

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