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Hot Tomatoes

I’m sure you have heard the statement,”It’s all in your head.” It’s a common phrase which begs for the answer,”What’s your point?”.

Psychology doesn’t always explain everything and our taste buds are a fine example.

When I was a child, I used to watch my sister gobble the garden-fresh fruit of the tomato plant with a passion. One summer, she consumed enough of them to break out in hives. They became forbidden to her for much of that season. I ,on the other hand (or tongue), could not stand their taste. I practiced taking bites of the eye-appealing delicacy, with the same intoxicated look that my sister always had, only to retch and spit it out.

I finally found them palatable when they were hot. My “tomato war” lasted many years until I had one on a hamburger. I was in my teens and rejoiced that I could finally taste the “good” in them. You may think rejoicing is a bit “over the top” but my silent war with my taste buds was a bitter one. All that time, I did enjoy ketchup and other tomato products but never tomato juice or fresh fruit.

I have had a similar struggle with carrots. It was in an opposite delivery. Cooked carrots ruined many a stew for me yet eating them raw has always been one of my favorite snacks.

The varied tastes people have, scientifically, must have to be from our individual abilities to taste chemicals that are present. I’ve read that some of us(me included) cannot enjoy a glass of orange juice when it immediately follows brushing our teeth. Others have no idea what we are experiencing. This would be one of those,”It’s all in your head.” moments from their perspective. My answer is,”Where ever it comes from, it remains yucky!”

When realizing how varied peoples tasting skills are, it makes me all the wiser when it comes to tolerance of their ideas. How varied we are in experiences and views! It is very exasperating when someone cannot seem to grasp what you are saying. It would be easy to call them dumb or stubborn and sometimes that is exactly what they are. But, I propose we all keep our taste buds in mind the next time we connect with people. There are many ways to “taste” life. None of them are wrong but they are, oh, so varied.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

8 thoughts on “Hot Tomatoes

  1. Great post, Susan! I can relate to your tomato issue, but in a different way. I love them raw. This might disgust you, but I love being able to suck the seeds right out of a juicy tomato. I can’t stand them cooked. My mother loves cooked toms. Grilled with a cooked breakfast but I can’t stand them. The texture, the mess they leave on the plate – no thank you. It’s a different story if I find them (or use them) in a pasta sauce. Having read and seen the film (far too many times!) I always thought the notion of ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ sounded awesome. But, never having tried them, I figure I’d quite probably be disappointed! Can you help me out with this?

    I can totally relate to the orange juice/toothbrush thing! Yeeshk!

    1. Thank-you for your comments…my granddaughter loves that sucking of seeds too! I have tried fried green tomatoes and their texture would likely put you off…as for the orange juice/toothbrush thingy…It’s all in your head! Ha! 😉

      1. Lol! No, honestly mint and orange just don’t go together! Thank you for warning me about the fried toms! 🙂

  2. My family grew their own tomatoes when I was growing up, and they were so delicious! But supermarket tomatoes… not so much. I was delighted years later when watching a movie, Framed (, that there was a scene where a restaurant owner was ordering cases of both “tomatoes” and “really real tomatoes”.

    1. Even my challenged taste buds know the difference between forced,hothouse tomatoes and those real babies! Thanks for the interesting comment…I enjoy when comments contain newsy info!

  3. Life would be so boring if everyone had the same ideas and material things…

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