Simply Silly

Some people break into song to lift their spirits.

Some people enjoy meditation.

I prefer the underrated and shameless art of silliness.

Kids respond to silliness so much better than adults. I like kids. They are seldom caught looking over their shoulder, wondering who may be watching, before enjoying a silly moment.

Tools for the sillies vary. I think rhyming works well. The kids and I have wonderful fun while teasing each other in rhyme.

Once rhyming “kicks in”, it takes over, and giggling happens. Who doesn’t enjoy giggling?

Yesterday’s best: “That baby is peeking. Hope his diaper’s not leaking.”

Have a great weekend, my friends.


If you forget to be silly…then you’re over the hilly…don’t be a nilly…Just say I willy.

6 thoughts on “Simply Silly

  1. I love being silly – sometimes children are so much more fun to hang around with because of that… I can totally relate to this! Yesterday I was on a long car ride. I took every opportunity to wave to the workmen out on the road, none of the waved – many ignored/looked right through us. Only when we got on the ferry did we get a wave from the ticket man on departure and a wave from the other ticket man when we alighted. Yay – that made me very happy! πŸ™‚

    1. If people only realized how powerful a smile and a wave was, they’d use them more often. Thanks for adding to my post. πŸ˜‰

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