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Cowboys, Guns and Pride

It wasn’t that long ago that I pretended to be Annie Oakley. Okay, 40 years is long in a lifetime but it feels like yesterday. I’d ride my pony, Socksey, at a gallop while balancing my pop gun. I played alone but never felt lonely.

As part of the first generation of kids with all day TV , the Wild West filled our airways and Cowboys were our heroes. From the modern perspective, these shows were violent and raw. How’s that modern perspective working for y’all?

  • teen suicide
  • school bullying with apathy from bystanders
  • random gun violence
  • deadbeat dads
  • laziness
  • sleep disorders
  • eating disorders

To name a few more modern pervasive ailments.

I started looking for videos to attach to this post. My eyes are still filled with tears and my heart with the pride from revisiting my ‘ol pals. Then I found the perfect video. A new movement to instill the virtues that I aspired to from my cowboy heroes. Food for thought people. I’m going to get some old westerns and watch them with my granddaughter.

BTW- I added guns to my title just to make this post “scary” and controversial enough to get you to consider it. 🙂


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

7 thoughts on “Cowboys, Guns and Pride

  1. I wish TV was like it used to be…..I’m in the generation of Little house on the Prairie..They had guns, religion and showed how you work to get what you want…Nice post:)

    1. If the guns weren’t the focus and the sense of responsibility we each have for our own happiness was, no telling how much inspiration there would be. I like it that the “religion-phobes” could not argue with the cowboy ethics. Thank-you friend. ❤

  2. When I was six, I was the Lone Ranger, and I still to this day believe in truth, justice, and the American way. When I was eight, I moved on to Paladin, and continued to believe in fighting for justice and defending those who could not defend themselves. That’s what TV cowboys did, and I saw them as true heroes. I don’t watch much TV these days; it literally disgusts me most of the time. These memories you stirred up make me cry, too, Susan. I cry for our country that, like an elderly loved one, is dying slowly right before our eyes. And, even if she should survive, she will be but a mere shadow of what she once was.
    That last two lines are the basis of a poem I am writing this morning. (In fact, looking at the first part of this response, maybe the entire comment will be in the poem.)
    Great post, Susan.
    You have inspired me!

  3. I grew up spending a lot of time outdoor and oh yeah i had a gun too. One of my brothers made it for me. It was made of papaya stems 🙂

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