Nine Days – part I

…and folks here, at home, are bent out of shape having to get an ID to vote!!!!

lookin' thru my eyes

It’s been nine days since I have tended to my blog.  I never planned to let it go, but I did.  I missed a day because traveling in Afghanistan can suck, then another day because incompetent, lazy people & traveling in Afghanistan suck even more, then I missed another day because some days I suck & then the next thing I know it has been 9 days.  I honestly have little interest in starting back up again, but I really should stick with it at least until I get back home, so I will try.

I thought doing the 10 pictures a day thing would be an incentive for me to stick with it, but it didn’t work out.  I did that for 27 days…every day for 27 days.  That is 270 (plus a few extras) pictures.  It began to feel like work to go through my pictures, select ones that…

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