Discrimination does not only apply to views of people! Let’s make some noise about breed specific hatred.

Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Pop quiz: which of the Chickderdoodles is a “pit bull” dog?

 A) Both
B) Neither
C) Chick only
D) Doodlebug only

Here is the ringer:  They share zero common breeds as identified by their Wisdom Panel Insights DNA tests.

So . . . are they both pit bulls because they fit the general physical characteristics that many people think of when they think “pit bull” dog? Are neither of them pit bulls because neither is a pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier (whatever that is) or American Staffordshire Terrier? Are they both pit bulls because they have some DNA of at least one breed identified by the broadest definitions of “pit bull” dogs?

And even more confusing: is Chick less of a pit bull after his DNA test, which revealed no SBT or AST? And is Doodlebug more of one? And can two mixed-breed dogs that share zero common breeds 

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